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Faith based organisations from around the world have joined forces to launch a period of intense prayer and action for the climate. These organisations launched a year-long prayer and action chain ahead of the next UN climate summit in Glasgow in 2021 to encourage communities of faith to pray and act for climate justice.

The Global Prayer and Action chain for climate justice invites all people of faith and none to be prophetic, pray intensely and act radically to reduce the negative effects of human activity on the planet. Climate Change is already causing devastating impact around the world and despite decades of scientific evidence and increasing impacts, current international pledges to cut emissions place us on track for around 3C of warming. 

There is no better time for the human race to pray and act, given the existential challenge of the current COVID-19 pandemic coupled with the climate crisis. The time to affirm these universal challenges which due to the injustices and inequalities of our world will affect the most vulnerable is now. This is the time to listen to voices from communities where the linked impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and climate change are having their greatest impact and to highlight the elements of global justice. It is time to listen to those who are losing their land to the sea, whose low-lying islands are disappearing below the waves, whose crops are not growing well and who are more vulnerable to diseases like malaria.  

The pursuit of climate justice is inextricably linked to the pursuit of equality, economic justice, gender justice and human rights. To truly tackle the climate crisis, we need a huge shift of power and wealth in every sense. Communities of faith can join and lead actions to change the status quo. It will take the best of all of us working for the best of our common humanity. 

 Demand climate justice 

  • Impoverished communities, women, children, indigenous people, migrants and refugees have historically generated a low carbon footprint. Their contribution to the climate crisis is negligible, yet they are amongst those most affected, making climate change a justice issue.
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  • We call on governments to understand climate change as a moral and ethical problem that requires moral and ethical solutions. Governments must use their leadership to find solutions that prioritise people, planet and ecosystems over profit.
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  • Every climate summit provides a new opportunity to scale-up ambition and efforts to tackle climate change. We hope that all governments understand the urgency for climate action and that they come to Glasgow prepared to take action.
    #ACT4Climate #CreationNotForSale #Pray4COP26


The global prayer and action chain for climate justice was initially launched by ACT Alliance, the Lutheran World Federation, Christian Aid and Act Church of Sweden. The ACT Alliance is a global network of churches and church-based agencies that does humanitarian response, sustainable development, and advocacy work.  ACT is made up of 156 members working in over 125 countries.

Global Prayer and Action Chain members: