Petition hand in at COP26

At the start of COP26 we handed in the in the Global Pray and Act petition for Climate Justice in Glasgow. This was part of a joint hand in of petitions and actions from people of faith all around the world calling for Climate Justice to be delivered at COP26. The hand in event included the voices of youth, faith leaders, and those taking action for climate justice in their communities.

Altogether, more than 150,000 actions by people of faith were handed in – well done and big thanks to everyone who signed the petition for being part of this amazing achievement!

The collective demands called on governments to:

These demands were received by the COP26 Presidency and UNFCCC Executive Secretary who were heading the negotiations at COP26.

Sadly, the outcomes of the negotiations fall far short of our demands. COP26 failed to provide the finance that is needed by people already suffering the worst impacts of climate change, we are still on a course of more than 2C of warming with ongoing investment in fossil fuel production, and the voices of those who are most marginalised and at the frontline of the crisis were not heard or protected in the outcomes.

However, COP26 contributed to momentum for change, with many countries making commitments to reduce fossil fuels, increase finance for those suffering climate impacts, and make further efforts to reduce carbon emissions.

Throughout COP26, people of faith united with activists from the Global South, feminists, youth and indigenous people to build the movement for climate justice. Our movement has never been stronger, and together we will continue to work for climate justice. Thank you for being part of this.